Daycare Stories

Filmas un animācija

I might have been a little devil at daycare. A collection of stories of how rotten I was to the daycare staff!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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    Yo at 6:04 that is definitely luz from the owl house on the right

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    wait that is Ann from Amphibia 6:02 edit: and Tilly from big city greens and Luc from the owl house edit edit: and Gideon from gravity falls

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    rebecca why you not posting DX

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    Have you ever wondered how long it’s been since she made a video (I hope she’s being hit with coppa)

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    Save yo legs


    cade video os br ta chorando



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    quero video ;)\

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    Modern problems require modern solutions. 2:12 4:26 6:22

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    Godzilla 123

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    6:02 Mrs. luz Noceda I spot

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    i'm catholic and i have a song to recommend to listen to while animating its ave maria by saint pope John Paul the ll me and my dad love it

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    I ver y love your videos, you are cool

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    My favourite anime is Let me explain studios

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    At the part where she says her classmates get to walk home there is a girl from the althaus loose the growth from Amphibia and Tilly from big city greens There also is the white hair enemy from Gravity Falls I forgot the name

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    you are really awesome .... love you.... i am also learning to animate ...want to start a studio in future.....

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    How many FPS do you use?

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    4:10 lol is that Pewdiepie?

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    Shool or school

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    Wait sorry i s not shool is skool

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    Do a sibling video

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    Did anybody else notice Giddeon from Gravity falls at 6:04

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    Let me explained is the best. So FUNNY!

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    Did you go to walnut springs elementary cause that sounds and looks like walnut springs in texas

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    Ah! These snitches suck!

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    did you get free candy in that BIG WHITE VAN XD

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    6:03 I KNOW THOSE CHARACTERS But I don’t remember they’re names but Gideon’s

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    I thought you were dead i was writing in my note book putting people that i know that are dead

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    I'm only 9 I'm still with your videos cuz I think they're cool

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    you made this video Ounces , Pounds, & Tons Song ★ Customary Units of Measurement

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    olha eu não entendi nada pq eu sou BRASILEIRA na próxima fas em português

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    I hope you are okay you have not posted in a while and I know it takes a while to make vids but just sending you my love

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    She lives!

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    6:04 I’ll let you find the reference.

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    Anybody notice the walkers are cartoon characters?? Like Luz Amphibia Tilly and Gideion???

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    my father has that same old consol and my sis is 2 years older than me but is the same height as me.

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    “ I was minding my own business looking for someone to play with and the makers came over and marked up my face” “nailed it”

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    I dont mean to be mean but its been two months since this came out

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    THE MARKER DID IT lol 😂 😹😹😹😹😹

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    did y’all see tommybear 4:28

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    6:03 TILLY (Big City Greens), ANNE (Amphibia), AND LUZ(The Owl House)!!!!!

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    I've done this stuff before...also there is WI-FI in heaven

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    Do u still play Pokémon

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    Let me tell you something: your avatar is adorable and you have a decent channel. (Nope that’s it)

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    Decent isn't the largest compliment lol. I'm not saying you're rude i just think it's funny

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  • Alex Cabalquinto
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    ah yes, kid logic makes sense because

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    So u play minecraft

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    You can show my how your pictures of wolves look like?pls!!!!

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    Hello! How often do you post on this channel? BTW I love your videos!

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    @Heidi M ok ty

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    Every 2-3 weeks

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    A request:Include more singing. I really like how you do it. Whoever agree with me like the comment

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    LEGO WATCH YO' FEET in the super stars club

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    OMG I spotted charterers from big city greens,gravity falls,the owl house and that frog one that I cannot remember the name of. I have watched them all

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    I thought someone murdered all the animators, but James Just posted so... idk. Hopefully no one died.

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    What the flip

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    Funny little fact at 6:04 you see Anne, Luz, and Tilly!

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    Ikr! I loved that part

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    3:18 “I stuck gum in my nose” -orange kid

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    When r u going to come back :(

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    i never realised how much damn HAIR you got on your legs lol

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    Ive got to admit me being the older kid I am shocked my littel sister was the more responsible one.she always pulled the snitch role and I always my whole life even in my teen age I have had this "baby logic" .let's just say I've done things little Rebecca and outher kids would have done the same

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    will you ever come to New Zealand and if you do can you come to Wellington please :)

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    The 7 crappy youtubers Ilymation Shgurr Let me explain studios Pantsless pajamas Terminamintage Browntable Silva gunner

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    I love how the classmates walking home from school in story 3 are all Disney characters XD

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    6:03 Her friends are Tilly from Big City Greens, Anne from Amphibia and Luz from The Owl House

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    3.42M sub

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    I’m late but you are one of my inspirations to become a animator(I’ve started recently and I’m 12)

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    0:18 buff parents 0:50 kid logic 2:17 they said nothing about my face 3:30 stupid stars 6:04 cartoon characters 6:14 miss responsibility 7:36 Who is that kid? Keep clicking 7 : 3 6 7:38 give me the card now!!! 8:20 Click it

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    Maybe your sister didn’t snitch cus she was also car out of daycare and got in trouble to because the guy was driving the car looked like he was just minding his own business on the road

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